About Us

Group photo, summer 2019 In the Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AID unit as part of the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Southern Denmark we conduct research to improve people's health and protect our environment.

In AID we combine expertise in artificial intelligence, and statistical machine learning, and data science. In our research, we aim to develop methods for data-driven solutions in the medical and renewable energy sectors, by striving to improve the way of handling and gaining insight from data. Thereby we create knowledge and value for our collaborators across the public health and private industrial sectors.

Our Team

Former Members

  • Hossein Ramezani, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Luis David Avendaño Valencia, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Tomáš Majtner, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Saber Farajzadehbibalan, PhD Student
  • Vinicius Lionel Mateos, Visiting PhD Student
  • Sarah Garney, PhD Student
  • Sunyoung Yoo, Research Assistant
  • Benedikt Wiese, Master's Student
  • Dunya Zadran, Master's Student

Main Collaborators